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Fastfashion companies work bringing new products every week at low (and not so low) prices, they make us feel that we are not fashionable and they make us buy, even if we don’t want to buy.
Of course we will like some of the trends (or not), but we have to be more conscious and buy what we really like, things that we know we will really use and that will last!

Opt for clothes that you feel comfortable in and that you feel yourself in.

Have you ever been carried away by the price and after a while those garments are still in the closet with the label? Or that your favorite garment was full of little balls after washing it twice?

I don’t mean to say that cheap things that we might like don’t exist. What I mean is that we shouldn’t get carried away simply by the price.

Think if you really like this garment, how much you like it and how long you want it to last!

Sometimes it’s better to invest more money and have it forever!

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