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what does sustainable fashion mean?

Slowfashion is the intersection of ethical, eco, and lasting fashion.

Ethical fashion concerns human and animal rights. It’s about fair treatments and respect for people em- ployed to create the clothing and in relation to animal rights by choosing to create vegan apparel.

Eco fashion concerns the impsact os clothing production on the environment.
Brands can be ecologically minded by using local materials and resources and reducing the environ- mental impact of transporting materials. It also involves eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, including clothing production with sustainable materials, items made from reused fabrics and leaving overproduc- tion aside.

Lasting fashion is about choosing quality instead of quantity, it promotes wearing clothes in which you feel yourself instead of following trends that are not really your style and you buy because of cheap- ness.

LeLemonade focuses on original designs and quality garments that last forever. All clothes are made with the best materials, respecting the environment and fair trade.

Click here and learn more about LeLemonade.
And tell me, you are with the slowfashion movement?

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