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Slow living is a lifestyle choice. Based in living in a more balanced, meaningful, and life-affirming way.

“Is about start enjoying life being conscious of sensory profusion.”

How did this movement begin?

Everything started in 1986 when Carlo Petrini protested against the opening of a McDonald’s in Rome. This moment would mark the beginning, and a few years later, the international slow food movement was officially founded.

Some people have reverse-engineered SLOW as an acronym, since some of these principles apply to other aspects of slow living.


The ever-expanding slow movement goes way beyond slow living and slow food today. There’s now a slow version of almost anything you can think up. Slow movement is a life philosophy, a state of mind and being, a reflective approach, and a methodical process to daily life.

There are a few movements within slowmovement that are better known and worth mentioning:

  • Slow-food: Defends the quality of the ingredient, sustainability, local production and consumption.
  • Slow-fashion: Is about quality over quantity, it’s developing garments that can last a lifetime. It is sustainable and eco-friendly and it is transparent with the public.
  • Slow-cities: Aim to slow down the overall pace of life, design the space for humans (vs traffic), improve the quality of life in urban areas, take care of the environment, promote a healthy lifestyle, and preserve the special nature of local cultures.

I believe that slow movement is the way for a better and more balanced way of doing everything.

Why be fast when you can be slow?

Slowness meantime here and now, time that works for you, extraordinary time. By joining the slow movement we have the opportunity to connect to life, to connect to every aspect of our lives, and to connect to ourselves.

So, if you want to start doing something about it, the first step is probably to start asking you why to a lot of things in your life.

I would love to hear your opinion! Do you join the slow movement?

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